The Localization Suite

When it comes to localizing your application for the Mac, the iPhone or the iPad into further languages, there is actually no way around the Localization Suite (Loc-Suite). What makes the Loc-Suite so phenomenal is that every single project - whether small iPhone apps or extensive Mac applications - can be handled without generating the massive overhead for the localization management.

Localization Manager

The Localization Manager serves preparation of the resources you want to be localized and the import of the localizations into your Xcode project. Here you select the Xcode project to be localized or alternatively select individual files, add your languages and generate the working files for your translators.


The Localization Dictionary is a useful tool to manage all existing localizations in so called glossaries. With these glossaries you can save existing translations for future use to ensure high consistency between versions.


Once your translators have received their files, they will process them using the second LocSuite module: the Localizer. As the module name indicates, the Localizer is the place where the actual translation happens. Your translators localize the files into the desired languages and send them back to you.
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